Illinois PICCADILLY TWO-TONE ( Mishandled or Intentional ?) Watch




This is an Illinois PICCADILLY model wristwatch. It is the signature men’s Illinois model. This one is unique as it has a two-tone case with matching case numbers for its white case back and green bezel, while the white center of the case is ten serial numbers off. This is the only one like this that I have ever seen. As an Illinois two-tone model always has matching case back and bezel colors. At first, I thought it was mishandled in the Illinois Factory as its white center section has a serial number that is off by ten digits from the bezel and case back. But, it is also possible it was intended to be this way, because the serial numbers match on its white case back and green bezel! The case parts were likely mixed up with another PICCADILLY  case in production resulting in the serial mismatch in its center section. This anomaly adds considerable interest to this watch! This maybe in effect the only two-tone PICCADILLY ever released by the great Illinois Watch Company!! But, whereas I first thought that this was issued in error, I now think it was intentionally made this way pursuant to a special customer or jeweler request!!

The unpolished case is in excellent condition as is its original dial. It is running fine and is guaranteed for one year plus ten days. It is $2495.00 OBO.

I am selling this watch for a friend. B/F