Questions and Answers About the Book Set

Please email to me any questions you may have about my new book set and I will endeavor to reply to them.  I will also attempt to post the Questions and Answers here.

Question 1. I heard that your publication will now be four volumes. If so, how many pages do you expect it to have in total?

Answer 1. At this point, I can still not accurately estimate the total number of pages. I can say, however, that the first Volume is about 220 pages. Volume Two has about 210 pages. Volume Three is huge as it contains three separate comprehensive identification chapters, one for the Illinois men’s models, one for the Illinois ladies’ models and one for the Hamilton-Illinois models. We are not yet finished laying out the design of the B’s for the men’s models and we are approaching a total of 500 pages for the three volumes to that point.


Question 2. Will your books explain why there are so few Illinois men’s models in solid gold?

Answer 2. Yes, they will. I think I have a very solid explanation for this matter, that became apparent as I performed my research. I would love to explain it now, but, I do not want to scoop my own books. I am hopeful that everyone will understand and accept my position at this time.

Question 3. Your first book on Illinois watches was terrific, why did you write these new books?

Answer 3. Please read the Introduction for the book set forth on this website for my detailed explanation.

Question 4. How many images are in the book set?

Answer 4. It has over 2800 images, about  half of the images are in color. The books also contain almost 500 tables of very helpful information.

Question 5. Will you touch on the years after the Hamilton Watch Company bought Illinois?

Answer 5. Yes, a major focus of my research and much of the new information in the volumes relates to Hamilton’s treatment of Illinois post-acquisition. My findings should be both interesting and surprising to the reader.

Question 6.  Will we get to find out any names of  Illinois models previously unknown?

Answer 6. Yes, it is very exciting and rewarding in performing research to identify a previously unknown model. Other collectors helped me in this effort . In the books well over a dozen previously unknown models will be identified.

Question 7. Will we finally get to have answers as to why the Illinois Watch Company closed?

Answer 7. Definitely, again this was a major thrust of my research. Volume One carefully outlines, almost step-by-step, the reasons why and how Illinois was shuttered.

Question 8. FOUR Volumes!!! How long did these books take to do and how difficult was it to put it together?

Answer 8. It has taken over four years to this point, and, it is still not complete, as we are modifying and correcting items as we layout the volumes. Many good and valued friends have helped and continue to help me with this massive project (they are all mentioned in the Acknowledgment), without them this effort would not have been possible.

As far as putting it together, once the extensive research was complete its story flowed naturally, as the historical pieces fell into place.

Question 9. Can you tease us with something new (in general) in the books?

Answer 9. Okay, I will try but let me give this some thought……..